New Works by Kathleen Mulcahy and Ron Desmett Glass: A Decade and Change

October 16- December 31, 2010

Private Preview October 14th 5:30-9:30

Public Opening October 16th all day
with an artist discussion at the Gallery 1:30-2:30
and a working demo at the Pittsburgh Glass Center 3-4:30

Borelli Edwards Gallery
3583 Butler St
Lawrenceville, PA 15201
Director : Joy Borelli

Borelli Edwards Gallery, located in the heart of the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, presents GLASS: A Decade and Change, new works in glass and mixed media by Kathleen Mulcahy and Ron Desmett, Co-Founders of the Pittsburgh Glass Center, well known for their breadth of work from blown glass forms to monumental steel sculptures. Kathleen and Ron have created an exhibition that weaves their unique voices, and celebrates the 10th anniversary of Pittsburgh’s world class art center. They were persistent in their dedication to create their dream for Pittsburgh, continually developing new work while steadily shepherding the center to fruition. Though 10 years from the first GALA, it actually took over 10 years before its opening to develop, vision, fundraise etc...One can say it spanned a decade and change.

Ron’s Lidded Trunk Vessels, recently acquired by the Corning Museum of Glass and the Smithsonian, are dark, highly charged black matt forms whose shape is borrowed from ancient urns and given a new twist, where hot glass yields to the texture of the inner tree surface whose softness at times seems to appear as a torso, a shoulder. Kristina Olson writes of these,... “They do not transport the viewer elsewhere, tell a story, nor represent something else. It is expressly because the mind can't square its preconceptions of what constitutes a work of art with what the eyes are seeing that one is brought back "unceasingly" to these sculptures.”

Kathleen, selected for inclusion in Masters: Blown Glass, Lark Books (Fall ’10) has new work titled Know No, a new addition to her works that have a toy like quality reminiscent of the Spinner series of the 90’s but with a new twist. Where Desmett’s works are somber, Mulcahy’s large blown shiny black orbs have a wit that is new to her work. Olson writes “ The association with toys is intentional. The artist is known for her blown glass Spinners (1989-present)...supersized spinning tops and undoubtedly relate to Mulcahy’s memories of growing up in her parents’ toy store. But where the spinners are pretty and entertaining, Know:No is a bad toy, as the admonishment in the title tells us. There is a conceptual game afoot here. It looks like a toy but it’s not. It looks like its made of ceramic or plastic, but it’s not. You think you know what it is but, no, you don’t.

Also in this exhibition are new drop installations... Kristina Olson writes, “They often imitate the look of liquid elements in nature drawn out by gravity. But there is nothing of nature’s seemingly random complexity in these compositions. Instead, Mulcahy simplifies the irregularity of organic shapes to create beautifully controlled blown and flame-worked arrangements... ( In the work Tidal) One not only sees, but feels the slow drip of the glass in its once molten state.”

Kathleen and Ron will give a talk open to the public at the BE Galleries on October 16th followed by a demonstration of new work in process at the Pittsburgh Glass Center from 3-4:30. Everyone is invited to attend both receptions.

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