Kathleen Mulcahy

glass artist

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“Art becomes more necessary in a fast paced, social media and tech driven world. It can mean something more to a viewer when it speaks to one’s inner self. This is where we find the place to contemplate, reflect and recharge. Art has the power to rivet us to that moment, whether visual or through sound. When someone says — ‘that moved me to tears,’ or ‘this work has replaced the air in the room,’ or ‘it took my breath away,’ they are speaking of the poetics of space. Art is about connecting the plane of beauty to the sublime. It is the window to that other dimension of stillness, slowing down between looking and experiencing. Art made with glass has that power. This work is the embodiment of all that came before, the trial and error, the techniques or invention, as it moves toward the idea of tranquility fully formed.” — Kathleen Mulcahy