Kathleen Mulcahy's glass sculptures celebrate the sensuous nature of vision... Though made of glass, these sculptures have no shard-like forms, no hard-edged crystals, no crisp-bordered shapes. Instead, everything is rounded, swollen, and curved, imitating the look of liquid forms in nature that are drawn out by gravity. Like many artists of her generation who have rejected the neo-conceptual games of much of the art of the last twenty-five years, Mulcahy unabashedly embraces the visual pleasure elicited through her sensual manipulation of the glass medium.
Kristina Olson
Professor of Art History
Co Chair Department of Art West
Virginia University
Events of the past year have conspired to have me reconsider everything, including my work and where it is heading. It is easy to look back and say "yes, I see the path I am on" but forward is like looking through a Kaleidoscope. How does one choose where to go, or not go? In fact, by standing still I am choosing to go deeper. Does anyone really leap? I don't. I am a planner, a plodder, an observer of the smallest detail.
Kathleen Mulcahy

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